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This year marks the round 40th anniversary of the premiere of the film „Convoy” directed by Sam Peckinpah. This iconic image enjoyed great popularity all over Europe.

„Convoy” is undoubtedly one of the flagship films telling stories from the life of truck drivers. The film was made in 1978 and immediately won the hearts of the audience. Quick action, numerous chases, masterfully executed fighting scenes aroused admiration among young audiences. More than one boy, watching the „Convoy”, dreamed of becoming a trucker, like a main character, and driving a large American truck.

Eternal conflict

The main theme of the movie is the conflict of several truckers with a local sheriff. And everything starts quite inconspicuously. In Arizona, the policeman stops a truck driver for speeding. It turns out that it is Martin Penwald, known in the environment as „Rubber Duck.” A fussy trucker refuses to pay the ticket. Moments later, in a nearby inn there is a fight between him and several officers. Other truckers learn about the conflict and decide to show solidarity and join their colleague. In this way they jointly create a convoy in protest, which unexpectedly gains publicity and attracts media attention. The conflict between drivers and the National Guard is gaining momentum. And nothing promises that the dispute will end soon …

Iconic work

There is no doubt that this nearly two-hour film has always been part of the history of cinematography as one of the best examples of so-called movie theater. The „Convoy” by many critics is also considered to be Sam Peckinpah’s life’s work. Later, the film became a source of inspiration for such an outstanding director as Quentin Tarantino, who often referred to the symbols contained in the „Convoy” in his works.

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