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The owners of warehouse facilities in Great Britain say demand has reached its peak. British manufacturers and retailers protect themselves against hard Brexit.

There is not enough space to store food in British warehouses because retailers and producers are stockpiling food in fear of the so-called hard Brexit – the British daily The Guardian reports.

Warehouses are already booked for the next 6 months. New customers are still trying to reserve space but they are being turned away due to lack of space.

Because of Brexit, every business that wants to guarantee its supply into UK shelves is looking for additional warehouse space right now,” said Shane Brennan, director of the UK Food Storage and Distribution Organization (FSDF).

As reported by The Guardian, the demand for food storage does not concern only frozen products. Producers who want to secure stocks of semi-finished products requiring storage at controlled temperatures are also preparing for the scenario in which there would be no agreement with the EU.

All the arithmetic seems to suggest that it will be impossible for the prime minister to get her deal through, so retailers and food manufacturers are continuing with contingency plans,” announced Ian Wright, head of the Food and Drink Federation.

Hard Brexit more and more real?

The extraordinary EU summit on Brexit is scheduled for this coming Sunday, November 25. The leaders from EU-27 will meet to approve the agreement on the UK’s withdrawal from the Community and a political declaration on future EU-United Kingdom relations. However, the prolonged negotiations between the United Kingdom and Brussels mean that more and more entities are preparing for the worst-case scenario, ie the British leaving the EU without agreement.

Photo: Flickr/Joe Goldberg CC BY-SA 2.0


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