The Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) wants to punish truck drivers for switching off the emergency braking assistant. Penalties will come into force most probably later this year.

Truckers who turn off the emergency braking system at speeds above 30 km/h will be punished in Germany. As the transport portal informs, an appropriate draft amendment to the Highway Code has already been prepared. Soon it will be forwarded to transport organizations for consultation. The Bundesrat must still approve it later. Then the regulations will be able to come into force.

According to an employee of the Federal Ministry of Road Transport, who spoke for the „VerkehrsRundschau”, the new penalties will probably take effect this year. For now, there is no information about the amount of fines provided for disabling the emergency braking assistant. However, it is known that the Ministry wants to make sure they are severe enough to discourage drivers from switching the system off.

Photo: Trans.INFO


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