Thieves in fake police uniforms steal load from truck in the Netherlands

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Thieves dressed in police uniforms attacked a truck driver and stole goods that had just been unloaded in the Dutch town of Schalkwijk on Thursday morning.

According to, a truck driver had just finished unloading when he saw a car with blue flashing lights in the corner of his eye. Directly behind the car was a white van. Four men then jump out of the car, all of whom were in police uniform. Another two men then jumped out of the white van, one of whom was also wearing police uniform.

Seconds later, the truck driver was threatened with a weapon and then beaten. With the driver completely outnumbered, the men in fake uniforms went about stealing the load and transferring it to the van. By 08.15, the men were gone.

The police are now investigating the case and are looking for witnesses.

Photo credit: FaceMePLS / Flickr