This country raises the fine for using a phone while driving by four times. Drivers may also lose their licence

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After a number of serious road accidents, the Italian government has decided to amend the road traffic code. The changes are intended to increase safety. The most important one concerns penalties for using the phone while driving.

The draft law tightening the Italian Highway Code (Codice della strada) provides for more severe penalties for using a telephone while driving. The fine for this offence will increase from €422 to €1,697. In addition, in the case of a repeat offence, the driver might lose his or her driving licence for 3 months. According to the Italian Government, the use of a mobile phone while driving, combined with speeding, is the most common cause of road accidents.

In addition, the amendment provides for a number of other changes that will enter into force with a delay. This includes, for example, compulsory seatbelts in school coaches or restrictions to 30 km/h near schools and allowing municipalities to create pedestrian crossings near schools at pavement level (to slow down vehicles). 

The amendments must now be approved by Parliament. We will then inform you when the new regulations come into force.

Fotó: Trans.INFO