This is how a lorry driver helped to save a man’s life on the M62

This is how a lorry driver helped to save a man’s life on the M62

A lorry driver has helped to save the life of a man who climbed over the railing of an M62 bridge and sat on the end, looking down towards the motorway. The trucker stopped his vehicle under the bridge on the hard shoulder to prevent a tragedy.

The report about the event was posted on the Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds’s Facebook page. An eyewitness explained that when the lorry driver spotted the man sitting on the edge of the bridge, he moved into the hard shoulder and parked up, leaving the vehicle directly underneath the man.

„It’s okay, not to be okay” – reads the post.

“I have family who have been at this point before and still had to wait a week for an appointment when she found herself on top of a bridge – this post is to raise that awareness that – it’s okay not to be okay – and you can or should speak out” -says the post that also praises the driver.  -“What a trucker – stopping on the hard shoulder and leaving his truck there – to ensure when he did jump – it wasn’t a longer distance to the floor.”

Commenters all praised the lorry driver for his mindful act:

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