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The speed limit on one of the German highways should be 80 km/h but the signs showed something else. Traffic enforcment cameras have wrongly punished several thousand drivers.

Due to the incorrect marking on the A2 highway in the Ruhr area, speed cameras wrongly issued fines for a total of 60 thousand euro – informs German transport portal On the A2 motorway near Recklinghausen in the direction of Oberhausen the signs indicated the maximum permissible speed as 60 km/h. However, the correct marking for this section of the road should be 80 km/h.

The speed cameras were also set incorrectly and between December 2017 and March 2018 they caught a total of 3,329 violations. In 1453 cases proceedings were opened.

Reimbursement of fines and deleting points

As reported last week, the Recklinghausen authorities, wrongly punished drivers will receive reimbursement of fines paid. Penalty points will also be deleted. To cancel points, you must report to the Federal Office of Road Traffic and the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Photo: Wikimedia/Dirk Vorderstraße CCA 2.0 Generic


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