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TX-FLEX allows navigation via mobile devices, the Uptime functionality has been extended to include detection of trailer and semi-trailer problems, and WebEye Navigator has introduced new markings of road sections where an accident has occurred. There are more changes in popular telematics systems for truckers and fleets.

The creators of telematics solutions keep improving their products. The new features facilitate the work of drivers and fleet operators that already deal with older versions. Recently, TX-FLEX and Uptime introduced new functions.

TX-FLEX a mobile add-on that facilitates driver’s activities

Updated TX-FLEX application (WABCO, Transics) similarly to the previous one, is addressed to truck drivers and fleet operators. The change is important, because while key functions, including planning, direct communication and navigation were only available via a stationary on-board computer (TX-SKY), now it is also possible to use them via mobile devices.

TX-FLEX is also compatible with TX-GO, a truck-independent on-board computer with no display. The driver connects the TX-FLEX application to the computer, obtaining full access to data processing services via a tablet or smartphone.

Fleet managers have at their disposal TX-ECO Assistant which gives them a preview of the remaining driving time and rest period of the driver, as well as the pro-environmental assessment program. On the other hand API (Application Programming Interface) additionally facilitates integration with other applications and software of mobile driver devices, i.e. those that allow checking the condition of the truck and trailer, navigation software and digital CMR platforms (currently integration is also possible in the cab of the truck, earlier it was only possible in the office, via the network packet).

Enabling the combined use of the driver’s and the on-board computer application without display significantly enriches our telematics offer. This solution for fleets that value mobility and the freedom to choose the device in the truck as well as outside it – says Peter Bal, Vice President of Digital Customer Service (WABCO).

New feature of Mercedes-Benz Uptime

Mercedes-Benz Uptime added a feature of integral trailer monitoring. The information is displayed on the customer portal. The inspection covers the main systems: brake air supply and air suspension, brake control and trailer or trailer socket. If a leak occurs in the compressed air circuit of the trailer and semi-trailer braking system, the system detects it and reports it, allowing a quick response. Uptime obtains from the tractor information about the trailer’s condition through a conventional socket, pneumatic connections and communication interface (CAN bus).

Exactly one year after the introduction of the service, Uptime extended the feature to detect problems with the semi-trailer and trailer. Thus, we fulfill our promise of gradual, successive replenishment of this system, so that we can offer customers the optimal solution to increase the availability of the entire road set” – explains Stefan Buchner, the head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Buchner states that the aim of the system is to increase the availability of the set (i.e. tractor saddle with a semi-trailer) by permanently transmitting information about its condition. Based on the data displayed on the customer portal, the fleet manager can decide on preventive repairs. The system provider emphasizes that to take advantage of this extension, customers do not have to invest in new equipment, the functionality is automatically activated for Uptime users.

WebEye for analysis of vehicle perforamcne and quick communication

Telematic applications that facilitate transport, forwarding and logistics partners are also provided by WebEye. And in this case the services are set, among others for analysis of vehicle performance parameters and fast communication.

Photo: WebEye

The task of the WebEye Navigator system, intended for commercial vehicle drivers, is informing about restrictions on lorries, as well as choosing routes for heavy vehicles only. The driver is informed about the current traffic situation, the time of arrival at the destination is updated on an ongoing basis. Road sections that have experienced a road accident are displayed in different colors in the new application. In addition to them, the color of the road edges also changes (if traffic incidents affect the traffic, the edge will turn purple, while the edges of the remaining road sections will turn white). With the auto-zoom option, the service allows you to look more closely at specific sections of the map, and it is supported by realistic direction signs and views of intersections, reading steering instructions, road names and signs. Traffic announcements are available in sixteen languages, map data in nineteen.

The software can be used on a phone or tablet or integrated with existing fleet management solutions such as parking apps.

Photo: TX FLEX


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