Toilets with “wow factor” coming to Swedish petrol stations

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Dutch toilet provider ‘ONE HUNDRED restrooms' has announced a partnership with Circle K to bring toilets with “wow factor" to Swedish petrol stations.

Toilets with “wow factor” coming to Swedish petrol stations
Photo: One Hundred Restrooms press materials

In a press release, the toilet provider said that its restroom concept would be coming to Circle K’s petrol stations in Knivsta, Floda, Örebro and Gränna. The new toilets, which aim to “set a new standard”, are expected to be completed before the start of summer.

Circle K has said the new toilets are part of its plan to have ‘flagship’ petrol stations with the best facilities.

Photo: ONE HUNDRED restrooms press materials

“We want to introduce a new level of toilets along the motorways in Sweden and therefore we have teamed up with ONE HUNDRED restrooms to test their concept at a selection of our stations in Sweden. We will follow customer feedback closely and hopefully these can be the toilets of the future at Circle K in Sweden,” said Per Selin, Senior Manager of Circle K Sweden’s Real Estate Development.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms already has its facilities installed at shopping centres in Spain, Belgium and Sweden, as well as Spanish train stations and Total Energies petrol stations in the Netherlands.

“We want to make an impact on human well-being, by changing the definition of a toilet break. Every toilet visit should be a 5-minute well-being boost, a moment to relax and recover. Together with our strategic partners we improve lives through innovative health, hygiene and convenience solutions,” says the company on its website.

The new toilets could nonetheless come at a cost to users. Access to ONE HUNDRED restrooms’ toilets in Madrid’s main train station costs €1, while in the video above, published in the summer of 2021, the price of a ticket is shown as €0.50.

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