Toll rates in Hungary will increase from 2019. Older trucks will pay more

Toll rates in Hungary will increase from 2019. Older trucks will pay more

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Pölös Zsófia

Pölös Zsófia



Toll rates in Hungary will increase from 2019. Older trucks will pay more

Not only Germany, France, and Belgium will charge more for road tolls for trucks next year. The Hungarian government also decided to take a similar step. Carriers who have Euro 3 and Euro 4 trucks will be most affected.

From January 1, 2019, the toll in Hungary will become more expensive. The reason for the increase is the fact that the fees have not been changed for 3 years. The Hungarian government expects the new rates to provide 40 billion forints of additional income annually (around 125 million euros). According to the statement of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the average increase in fees will amount to approx. 5.8 percent. The Ministry also emphasizes that the categories of Euro 3 and Euro 4 vehicles, which pollute the environment more, will no longer be treated in a privileged way from next year.

The environmental characteristics of motor vehicles are constantly improving along with technological progress, and the current regulations unduly favor the lower class of Euro 3 and Euro 4 trucks. After correcting the environmental categories at the beginning of next year, the priority treatment of ten-year-old vehicles will be eliminated,” reads in the ministry’s statement.

Toll rates will increase even by 32 percent

Older trucks will notice the biggest change from previous years. For example, road tolls for Euro 3 and Euro 4 trucks with four or more axles will increase by more than 32 percent.

Hence, there is a large discrepancy between the amount of increases given by the ministry and the increase in individual vehicle categories. For example, for the Euro 3 and 4 categories for vehicles under 4 axles, the increase will amount to 24.5 percent, and for Euro 5 and 6 with 4 axles and more – 12.5 percent.

Due to the increase in rates for road tolls, Hungarian private carrier federation (NIT Hungary), appealed to its members to increase prices of their services in line with the increase in tolls.

In turn, the MKFE – the association of Hungarian road hauliers – provides rates for individual categories and groups of trucks that will enter into force on January 1, 2019.

Toll rates for trucks in Hungary from 2019 (forint/km)

Category J2 – motorways and express roads J2 – main roads J3 – motorways and express roads J3 – main roads J4 – motorways and express roads J4 – main roads
Euro 0 and 1 3,5 HUF/km 1,49 HUF/km 4,9 HUF/km 2,58 HUF/km 7,95 HUF/km 4,94 HUF/km
Euro 2 3,04 HUF/km 1,29 HUF/km 4,26 HUF/km 2,24 HUF/km 6,6 HUF/km 4,12 HUF/km
Euro 3 and 4 10,9 HUF/km 4,63 HUF/km 15,29 HUF/km 8,03 HUF/km 29,36 HUF/km 18,32 HUF/km
Euro 5 and 6 2,58 HUF/km 1,09 HUF/km 3,62 HUF/km 1,91 HUF/km 11,03 HUF/km 7,06 HUF/km

100 forints (HUF) equals approx. 0.31 euro.

Photo: Bartosz Wawryszuk

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