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There’s only one week left till St. Nicholas’ Day, and Christmas will follow. Before the shopping (and transport) fever begins, it’s high time to think about presents. Below you will find a few original gifts that every trucker would like to see under the Christmas tree or in the stocking. Some of them may be a source of inspiration, as they are not yet for sale, and some are even … free.

MACK – Lego Set 2 in 1

This incredibly realistic model will not be available until next year, but you can already start putting away money because the price will certainly not be lower than $150. For this modest amount, our kids (after all, we do not play with blocks) will get the opportunity to build a Mack tractor with semitrailer, or a garbage truck.

Photo: Lego Technic

Photo: Lego Technic

Waking Cap

The cap designed by Ford detects the driver’s head movements which may suggest that he loses contact with the road and with reality. It reacts with vibration, sound and blinking LEDs, mounted in the peak. Not only can it keep the trucker from falling asleep, it also looks pretty good. Ford is currently working on bringing this product to market.

Apple Watch – Scania Edition

The popular smart watch from Apple has been enriched with a dedicated leather belt with the Scania logo, and is sold in a decorative box with a universal travel charger. The companies’ cooperation, however, is not just about the packaging. The device has been equipped with apps dedicated to drivers, with features such as such as sleep reminder, quick emergency call or fleet management assistant. What makes it a special treat for drivers is the possibility to buy a unique band made of a melted block of the legendary V8 LB-140 engine from 1969. The cost of the watch is $750.

Photo: Scania

Photo: Scania

Travel Exercise Set

In order to stay fit and healthy, it is always worth having If you want to stay fit and healthy, it is a good idea to have some fitness accessories in your cabin (if there isn’t a Truckerslife gym at the parking lot where you take breaks). The presented example set by Adidas can be purchased from PLN 450. It contains 4 types of holders and an elastic band that allows you to perform a number of exercises in almost any conditions. Everything fits in a small case.

Photo: Adidas

Photo: Adidas

Family Time

The best gifts (although sometimes the most difficult to get) are free. Let’s try to plan this year’s Christmas (or perhaps even the St. Nicolas’ Day) so that we can spend it with our loved ones.


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