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Two cameras, one screen – enough to make a trailer „invisible” and allow the driver to see exactly what is behind the truck. The innovative system presented by the French company Valeo eliminates blind spots, makes it easier for the driver to perform manoeuvres and increases road safety.

Valeo XtraVue Trailer, because that’s what the system is called, consists of two cameras. One is placed on the back of the vehicle, the other is mounted on the back of the trailer. The system uses video images captured from both cameras to create a uniform image sent to the screen located on the vehicle’s dashboard. Thanks to the preview, the driver is able to see everything that is happening behind the vehicle, including cars driving behind him. In this way, the cameras make the trailer „invisible”.

The Valeo XtraVue Trailer eliminates blind spots, giving drivers greater visibility. The presented solution also allows for safer manoeuvring.



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