Transshipments at Polish intermodal terminals record a double-digit growth

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Transshipments at Polish intermodal terminals record a double-digit growth

Transhipments at intermodal terminals in Poland increased by 26.1 percent in 2017. However, according to the latest report by the Polish Central Statistical Office (CSO) on intermodal transport, the number of active terminals was lower than in 2016.

An intermodal terminal is a place where cargo units are quickly and securely transhipped between different modes of transport – e.g. between rail and lorries. In 2017, 30 such terminals were active in Poland, i.e. 5 less than a year earlier. Looking at their nature – 6 serviced shipments sea-rail, sea-road (sea terminals), and 24 – rail-road shipments (land terminals).

The parking and maneuver area of the inland terminals occupied a total of 20.4 hectares, and the total storage area was 91.6 ha (of which 55.3 ha for containerized units). As for storage yards, the Central Statistical Office calculated that they were able to accommodate 75.9 thousand TEU.

Transhipments at sea and land intermodal terminals

According to the CSO, the total annual transshipment capacity of domestic intermodal terminals amounted to 8.8 million TEU, 6.1 million TEU on sea terminals and 2.7 million TEU on land terminals.

Last year, nearly 60.8 million tonnes of containerized cargo was transhipped at intermodal terminals. Sea transport amounted to 37.8 million tonnes, while motor vehicle transport to 11.9 million tonnes. The railway has delivered 11 million tonnes.

Intermodal transport was dominated by loads from the „mixed goods” group (about 14 percent).

Car intermodal transport – mainly around the country

When it comes to the involvement of carriers, last year 11.2 million tonnes of cargo in containers were transported by intermodal transport. The absolute majority was domestic transport – 98 percent.

Most international intermodal trucks were to and from Germany (66.9 percent).

Photo: Pixabay / Pexels

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