This mobile robot looks like a combination of a large cabinet with an electric trolley. Although it does not give the impression of a particularly smart device, it is able to successfully replace people with simple tasks that need to be done in warehouses.

Picking products from shelves and transferring them to the place of picking, or the reverse process, that is, delivering individual, diverse goods to the storage shelves, is a job that Toru robot handles without a problem.

These kinds of robots can streamline intralogistics processes. They are able to identify the desired product on the shelf by means of cameras, safely remove it from the rack and take it where it is needed. They give you the opportunity to automate activities that only an employee could have until recently. The robot also provides constant performance and, as claimed by its producers – lower costs.

The robot is especially effective when moving boxes of shoes. The machine can be a good solution in warehouses servicing e-commerce, where an online sale of footwear is associated with customer returns at the level of 30-50 percent. You do not need to get people involved in the whole process of handling returns – part of the activities will be carried out by the robot regardless of the time of day or night. Expensive processes of receiving products to the warehouse can be performed by such a device.

Photo: Magazino 


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