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A lorry driver is expected to be fined €200 and docked 2 points on his licence after overtaking a police car on a stretch of the autobahn with a lower speed limit.

According to the Franken Post, the trucker was irritated by the slow speed of the police car in front, which had slowed down to adhere to the 60 km/h limit that applies on a downhill stretch of the A9 in Berg that has been prone to accidents. The lorry driver overtook the police car using “excessive speed” and was then ordered to pull over by officers.

Once a safe spot for the truck to pull over was found, officers went about checking the lorry’s tachograph. The data from the device showed that the 25-year-old truck driver from Berlin had been driving at 96 km/h on the stretch of the autobahn with a 60 km/h limit.

The police also found that the driver’s vehicle was transporting more than it was permitted to.

It is reported that the the young truck driver can now expect a fine of around €200 euros and two points on his licence.

Photo by Monkey7 from Pixabay


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