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A Romanian lorry driver who worked in Denmark has received 28,000 kroner in unpaid wages thanks to a European-wide agreement that saw a Danish trade union take up his case.

As reports, the driver in question was working for a Copenhagen-based road transport company who had a contract for the delivery of groceries to budget supermarket chains.

After a month, the trucker became frustrated due to the poor conditions on offer and the fact he had been underpaid. On return to his native country, the driver went to his local union, Sindicatul Lucratorilor din Transporturi (SLT), for help.

SLT tried to deal with the matter themselves, and pressed the Danish haulier to pay the remainder of the trucker’s wages. However, nothing was forthcoming.

SLT nonetheless happens to be part of a European-wide trade union cooperation agreement, which also includes Denmark’s 3F trade union. 3F then intervened on behalf of SLT, and were eventually able to solve the case.

3F’s investigation found that the lorry driver’s contract was full of irregularities and mistakes. As a result, the trade union made a claim for compensation on top of the unpaid salary.

Six days later, the haulier paid the full amount and agreed to discuss compensation. In the end, the trucker received 28,000 kroner (3,765 euros) in unpaid wages, plus compensation of 5,000 kroner (672 euros) for breaches in his contract.

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