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The donation was planned to run for 30 days. However, it turned out that less than a day was enough to raise money for a new vehicle for an Iranian driver who has not been able to get out of Poland for over a week. His over 30-year-old truck broke down on the national motorway, and despite the help of truckers and workshop owners, it could not be repaired.

The International 9670 truck dated from the 1980s got stuck between two Polish towns. At first, people tried to save the lorry. A group of drivers and mechanics tried to repair the vehicle but in vain.

Unfortunately, the water from the refrigeration system was mixed with oil. In the oil itself, traces of small metal elements were found. So even if you put in a functional starter, the car probably wouldn’t get back to Iran. It is doubtful whether he could get to the Czech border without a thorough renovation – we read in the description of the screenshot.

Therefore, the network of people began to raise money for another (though used) tractor unit for the Iranian driver. A considerable amount was needed – 99 thousand zloties (approx 23 thousand euros) with the future road tolls altogether. But it was collected exceptionally quickly.

The driver Fardin Kazemi was donated by over 2,000 givers. Among them were very many drivers, carriers and car workshop owners.

As one of the donators said:: „One for all, all for one”.

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