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A lot has been written about the lives of professional drivers. It is a difficult profession, although not without a specific charm. How does it affect their families? Katarzyna, a wife of a professional driver from Yegoryevsk near Moscow, talks to Riamo website about it.

Katarzyna is married to a driver with 10 years of experience who regularly drives in the Russian Federation. The couple lives in Yegoryevsk, a town about 100 km from Moscow.

„My husband has been working in a transport company for 10 years. I feel all the charms of his nomad life”Katarzyna begins her tale.

Trips, gifts and savings

Her husband’s routes are not long by Russia’s standard. They usually take a week or two. Most importantly, they happen regularly. According to Katarzyna, a big advantage of his work is that he drives in various directions and visits different places.

He drives a lot, stays in different cities. He always brings some souvenirs, gifts, food products. For example, from Astrakhan and Novorossiysk he usually brings fruit, vegetables and dried fish which are really cheap there. It has a very positive influence on the domestic budget” – says Katarzyna.

Decent earnings

Katarzyna admits that her husband’s earnings are good. Considering the country’s standard, they live a very good life.

We bought a new car of a foreign brand, organised a wedding for our son. I sometimes go with my husband, we regularly send son on holiday. We wouldn’t be able to afford all that for the salary I earn as a shop assistant – says Katarzyna.

No father and husband

Unfortunately, that’s it for the good sides of the profession. According to her, having no father, husband or simply a male presence in the household is too inconvenient to just accept it.

A driver wants to rest when he’s back. He doesn’t feel like helping his wife in the household or fixing something. What’s worse, the continued absence of a father also has a negative effect on the children – they need a father’s attention, advice, help. It is bad for their upbringing.

„I’m like a sailor’s wife. I always sit there waiting when he comes back from another cruise, gets a good sleep, rests”Katarzyna sighs.

Stress, alcohol and a broken relationship

„After each route my husband tries to unwind using alcohol. Accidents are frequent on the road. He is constantly living in stress, has to pay attention all the time. His alertness and experience are what saves him. I understand that he wants to have a drink after all that but I don’t feel too well because of that” she complains.

Their relationship, unfortunately, has no future. Despite many years of living together their relationships are starting to disappear. Anger and jealousy start prevailing.

„I’m seriously considering a divorce but my husband opposes that. It’s not surprising, I’m a „comfortable” wife – I pack him before his departure, I greet him when he’s back. The house is always tidied up, cosy and clean. What more do you need? This, however, is not alright to me. After all, I’m last on the list of his priorities like some free maid or cook…”

Unfortunately, her situation is no exception. Most often the drivers’ families are who suffer the most – due to loneliness, lack of support, poor relationships. Fortunately, this is not always the case. For example the „father of the year” who works as a driver can raise four children, have sports and social life. Let’s hope that there are more situations like this one!




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