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The City Council of Paris issued a regulation in July, which will result in a mandatory parking fee for trucks over 3.5 tonnes – reports Transport and Logistics France (TLF). The new rule is to enter into force on November 1.

Councilors voted over the document without consulting the representatives of the transport industry. Transport unions appeal to city officials to maintain common sense in this matter.

Charging parking fees for trucks that usually stop for a few minutes is impossible to implement,” reads the Transport and Logistics France (TLF) press release.

As the city councilors justify, the trucks take up a large area due to their dimensions. Therefore, they ordered that the fee for vehicles with a GWVR above 3.5 tonnes would be three times the parking charge for a passenger car. The TLF in cooperations with other unions awaits the start of the school year to prevent the implementation of the new regulation.

The amount of parking fee in Paris depends on the duration of the parking and the zone. For example, you will have to pay a fee of 12 euros for a stopover in the city center within an hour.

Comparison of parking rates in Paris for passenger cars and lorries (from November 1, 2018)

Durtaion of parking Zone 1 – passanger cars Zone 1 – trucks Zone 2 – passanger cars Zone 2 – trucks
1 hour 4 euros 12 euros 2,4 euros 7,2 euros
2 hours 8 euros 24 euros 4,8 euros 14,4 euros
3 hours 16 euros 48 euros 9,6 euros 28,8 euros
4 hours 26 euros 78 euros 16,8 euros 50,4 euros
5 hours 38 euros 114 euros 25,4 euros 76,2 euros
6 hours 50 euros 150 euros 35 euros 106 euros

Parking zones in Paris

Zone 1 is marked in yellow. Zone 2 is marked in red. The zones demark the boroughs of Paris (arrondissements).



Photo: Lionel Allorge, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons


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