Photo: Trucksters

Spanish relay transport specialists Trucksters to use HVO biofuel on European routes

Spanish haulage firm Trucksters, known for its relay transport model and use of electric vehicles, is expanding its sustainable fuel options to include HVO synthetic diesel.

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Trucksters is further committing to decarbonising transport by incorporating HVO synthetic diesel on its international routes. This biofuel can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel.

The company’s drivers will use this biofuel alongside diesel and electricity (e-trucks). With this fuel mix, Trucksters is moving further towards climate neutrality, which is the company’s long-term goal. 

To begin with, the company will run on biodiesel on two relay routes, the route between northern Spain and the Benelux countries and the route from northern Spain to Poland, which the trucks also take via Germany, where HVO has recently been approved for sale.

It will not be more expensive

According to the company, using HVO will reduce transport emissions without increasing rates.

“By using HVO, we are responding to the growing demand from our customers to reduce emissions in the transport sector. Previously this meant an increase in the price of our services, but with this fuel the additional cost is negligible and in return we achieve a 90 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional diesel. We like to say that at Trucksters we are the fastest. Now not only in the delivery of goods, but also in the implementation of sustainable projects,” said Gabor Balogh, chief development officer and co-founder of Trucksters, said.

From start-up to international operator

Trucksters is a transport company providing long-distance FTL (Full Truck Load) services using an innovative relay system based on big data and artificial intelligence. This system optimises truck utilisation by introducing driver shifts similar to a relay race, where trucks continuously move cargo along a route. Drivers operate vehicles on sections of longer routes, exchanging semi-trailers with other trucks at designated points. This approach allows drivers to return home more frequently and offers customers a faster, more cost-effective service compared to traditional haulage. The relay system also facilitates the use of electric vehicles over long distances.

The company was founded in Spain in 2018 by Luis Bardají, Gabor Balogh and Ramón Castro. Trucksters is already present in Spain, Belgium, Germany and Poland and operates in 7 countries: Belgium, France and Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the UK.

Last year, players such as Continental, Volvo Group, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and FondICO joined the company’s investors during a €33 million Series B investment round.