Lorry recovered after driver’s country road turning maneuver goes awry

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A lorry driver who beached his truck in the mud by a country road due to a failed turning maneuver has had his vehicle recovered by a local rescue service courtesy of his employer.

Lorry recovered after driver’s country road turning maneuver goes awry
Der Lkw steckt im morastigen Seitenraum fest.

As Hildesheim Police Inspectorate explains, the turning fail occured on a country road near the Bosch factory near Pirmasens on Monday night.

As can be seen in the photo, the rear wheels of the vehicle were entrenched in the soft mud at the side of the road. As a consequence, the driver was stuck and had no means of moving either forwards or backwards.

The police initially had trouble working out what had happened, as communication with the Ukrainian driver proved difficult.

However, eventually the truck driver’s employers ordered a local lorry recovery service to toe the vehicle out of trouble.

Unfortunately for the driver, who may already have been in hot water for the error, it turned out that the failed turn had damaged suspension components and impacted the brakes.

The police subsequently decided that the driver could  not continue driving until the faults had been repaired.

The road where the accident occurred was impassable for several hours. Nevertheless, as it as a country road and the accident happened out of peak hours, there was no major disruption.

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