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Today is the next block check in Tyrol, Austria – the 4th one in 5 days. On Wednesday, the control resulted in a 40-kilometre-long queue of trucks on the Bavarian A93 highway.

Today, around 6:40 am, the congestion on the A93 motorway between the Dreieck Inntal junction and the border crossing in Kiefersfelden, Tyrol, Austria was 15 km long, and by 8:30 it grew to 20 km long. In this part of the motorway, overtaking for vehicles over 3.5 t is forbidden.

You can check the current situation on the German traffic information portal.

As reported by the Austrian media, the check-in should end today at 10 am. The next ones will take place next week.

Block checks in June:

– June 6, Thursday before Pentecost,

– June 11, Tuesday after Pentecost,

– June 12, Wednesday after Pentecost,

– June 13, Pentecost Thursday,

– June 17, Monday before Corpus Christi,

– June 18, Tuesday before Corpus Christi,

– June 19, Wednesday before Corpus Christi,

– June 21, Friday after Corpus Christi.

Photo: Martin Putz/Wikimedia Commons


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