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The British government has announced the support of transportation routes by more than £27 million pounds:  31 transportation routes are eligible for governmental support. Up to £17 million is available for those between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and up to £10.5 million for ferry and freight services to the Isle of Wight and Scilly Isles. Further support will also be available for critical routes between Britain and the continent, including Eurotunnel.

Speaking at the daily Downing Street coronavirus briefing, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the Government had secured a trilateral agreement, along with the French and Irish governments, which commits all parties to keep freight roots open throughout this crisis.

Operators on many of these routes have been under rising financial pressure due to falling demand. Since many of them bring in crucial goods like medicines, raw material and chemicals to purify water, it is important to guarantee the continuation of these services.” – he added. – “So we’re protecting ferry routes between Great Britain and Northern Ireland with funding of up to £17million.”

The Transport Secretary also announced another  £10.5million for securing the services transporting to and from the Isle of Wight and Scilly Isles.

The British government has also launched a new Transport Support Unit dedicated to keeping rail and other links open.

Ireland has already announced an intervention in support of some critical routes on the continental and southern corridors from Ireland. The UK has made an announcement of support for critical routes into and out of the UK. France intends to support these efforts during the COVID-19 crisis and thereby contribute to maintaining links with the European continent as a whole.

Photo: Oast House Archive/ Wikimedia Commons


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