UK’s HGV levy suspension to continue for another year

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Rishi Sunak, the UK's Chancellor chancellor of the exchequer, has announced that the HGV road user levy will be suspended until 2023.

UK’s HGV levy suspension to continue for another year @marcinjozwiak

Mr Sunak confirmed the decision today during his speech on the Autumn Budget, in which he revealed that Vehicle Excise Duty for HGVs would also be frozen:

“We’ve already suspended the HGV levy until August and I can do more today extending it for a further year until 2023, and freezing Vehicle Excise Duty for heavy goods vehicles.”

In addition, the Chancellor stated that the government would also be announcing funding for lorry park facilities.

The Road Haulage Association has welcomed the news:

However, not everyone is impressed:

What is the HGV Road User Levy?

The HGV Road User Levy applies to heavy goods vehicles (HGV) of 12 tonnes or more.

The aim of the levy is to ensure these vehicles make a contribution to the wear and tear of the road network. The levy amount varies according to the vehicle’s weight, axle configuration and levy duration.

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