Ukraine installs modern truck weighing systems and increases fines. Foreign truckers will not escape unpunished.

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Artur Lysionok

Artur Lysionok

Ukraine installs modern truck weighing systems and increases fines. Foreign truckers will not escape unpunished.

Last week, a law came into force in Ukraine that increased fines for overloaded lorries. Now the amount of the fine depends on the exceeded permissible weight of the truck. Foreign drivers will not avoid penalties either.

Previously, the fine for exceeding GVW of the truck ranged from 510 to 680 UAH (€20-25). When the new law comes into force, drivers of overloaded vehicles will pay several times as much. How much exactly depends on how much the permissible weight of the vehicle has been exceeded.

The amount of new fines is as follows:

– weight exceeded by 5-10%: 8,500 UAH (€320);

– weight exceeded by 11-20%: 17,000 UAH (€640);

– weight exceeded by more than 20%: 34,000 UAH (€1,300).

The responsibility for the offence lies with the owner of the heavy goods vehicle. If the road transport authority is unable to establish its identity, the transport company to which the vehicle belongs will be liable for the penalty.

In the case of vehicles with foreign registration numbers, the fine must be paid by the person who drove the truck into the country. Failure to pay the fine may result in a subsequent ban on entry into Ukraine.

Ukraine invests in WIM systems

A few days ago, Ukrawtodor (State Road and Bridge Agency) installed two out of six planned WIM (Weigh in motion) systems on the Kiev-Czop route as an experiment. They monitor, among other things, the weight of trucks in motion. The remaining four will be located on the roads leading to Kiev.

For the time being, the system controls only selected trucks and transmits the data to the Transport Security Service (Ukrtransbezopasnost). Importantly, no fines are issued because the automatic ticketing system has not yet been launched. At this point, it is not known when the system will be operational.

How the WIM system works

The WIM system captures truck data without stopping the truck. The sensors are installed on the road surface in such a way that the driver does not know that he is being checked. They record the date and time of passage, air and surface temperatures, as well as driving direction, lane, speed, registration numbers, dimensions, axle spacing and load on the individual axles. The system is designed to control all vehicles moving at speeds from 10 to 120 km/h. In the next year and a half Ukraine plans to purchase and install one hundred such systems. 

Map of the WIM pilot project in Ukraine

Yellow, green and red marking – location of old and new WiM systems. Blue marking – existing fixed weighing stations.

Higher fines for other offences as well

There are more changes. Since 27 September, a new penalty scheme has been in force for other offences as well. For speeding over 50 km/h the driver will have to pay a fine of up to 3,400 UAH (€130). Previously, the fine for this was roughly €20.

Drivers who caused an accident and escaped from the scene are liable to fines ranging from 255 to 3,400 UAH (€10-130) and the loss of their driving licence for up to 6 months. For driving without a driving licence, the drivers will pay 20,400 UAH, i.e. approximately €760. In the event of a repeated offence of this type, twice as much, i.e. more than €1,500.

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