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The much-despised Kent Access Permit scheme has ended today, meaning hauliers and drivers need not bother to use the UK Government’s “Check an HGV is ready to cross the border” service.

A statement released today on the UK Government website has confirmed that the scheme has been discontinued.

The Kent Access Permit system was introduced in order to manage lorry traffic in the county of Kent amid concerns over severe congestion after the end of the Brexit transition period.

However, significant levels of congestion in Kent have not yet materialised. The UK is yet to fully introduce customs controls on EU goods, which has helped with inbound lorry traffic. In the opposite direction, many trucks are also going out empty in order to avoid customs delays.

At the start of the year, several hundred HGV drivers were fined £300 for being without the permit.

The news of the scheme no longer applying has been universally received in a positive manner across the UK haulage industry.

Whites Transport Services are among those to welcome the end of the permit requirement. The haulier wants to see Operation Brock come to an end too.

No More Kent Access Permit. Just get rid of the ridiculous operation Brock now please.

Posted by Whites Transport Services Ltd on Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Update: As confirmed by the RHA, the Operation Brock moveable barrier on the M20 will be removed this Saturday and Sunday (24 & 25 April). The barrier and its contraflow system, which can be redeployed when needed, has been used to keep roads open and traffic moving.

Photo credit: Kent Police


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