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British police carry out quite controversial inspections. Drivers will have their license revoked if they fail roadside eye test.

Every driver stopped in the United Kingdom by the police officers in three pilot regions (Thames Valley, Hampshire, and West Midlands) must undergo a basic eyesight test – informs the British newspaper „The Telegraph.” Those who will not be able to read the license plate numbers from a distance of 20 meters will lose their driving license.

According to the regulations that came into force in 2013, police officers may demand that the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) withdraws the operator license urgently if they believe that the driver threatens the safety of other road users. It also applies to the situation when the person driving the car cannot read the road signs from distance.

Until now, the driver’s eyesight test was obligatory only during a practical test before obtaining a driving license. Later it was the driver’s responsibility to report problems with his eyesight to DVLA.

Tests will prevent accidents

Driver vision checks are designed to prevent traffic accidents. „The Telegraph” recalls the story from July 2016. In the town of Sutton Coldfield, the three-year-old girl was fatally hit by a pensioner who was not allowed to drive a car.

The three-year-old rode on a bicycle and together with her mother was crossing the street when the light was green. A 72-year-old Briton hit the girl who then died due to injuries.

During the investigation, the police determined that the accident offender had visited an ophthalmologist a few weeks earlier. The specialist decided that the 72-year-old should not drive a car, even with glasses. When the accident occurred, the Briton had no glasses. He admitted to the police that he had not seen the red light or the pedestrian crossing. The court sentenced 72-year-old John P. to four years in prison.



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