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Lorry drivers have to wait for control several hours at the Polish-Ukranian border. Up to 25 hours at Medyka, 19 hours at Hrebenne, 16 hours at Korczowa, and 14 hours at Dorohusk – according to information by the Polish National Tax Administration.

Yesterday, a Trans.INFO reader was standing in the queue from 18 o’clock on Sunday to 7 o’clock on Monday at Hrebenne and travelled 500 metres during those 12 hours. According to his comment, drivers were to have said that the waiting took more than 24 hours which was killing, but the fact that there were no toilets was even worse.

Photo: GDDKiA

Today is similar. As one of the border guards informed us, there are several reasons for the long queues. First of all, the border crossing in Dorohusk is under renovation. Secondly, there has traditionally been an increase in the amount of goods transported across the border. Thirdly, the reform of the Ukrainian customs services has recently been carried out, which separated the customs services from the tax authorities, which, in turn, affects the speed of work of local customs officers.

For now, there is no official information about how long the queues are and whether the facilities have been provided for drivers.

Cover photo: GDDKiA


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