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Higher productivity, lower waste and fewer errors in cross-dock and driver operations – these are the most important benefits of using virtual reality (VR) to train less-than-truckload employees, says XPO logistics, who has tested a new software and headset combo in North America. 

Less-than-truckload shipping (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight – in some ways it the alternative to parcel carriers. In this pilot, XPO used virtual reality for LTL training by creating a virtual cross-dock environment to demonstrate effective loading procedures that can protect customer freight from damage. Employees learned how to make the best use of their time and the company’s fleet, while taking safety into account.

As a result, XPO has found the following significant benefits of using VR:

  • Higher productivity, lower waste and fewer errors in cross-dock and driver operations;
  • Enhanced safety and efficiency, due to the elimination of training-related travel and fewer in-person interactions overall;
  • Better knowledge retention through a repeatable 3D experience that enables the employee to master key tasks through repetition; and
  • Shorter ramp-up times for new employees to reach target productivity levels.

The company expects to expand its use of virtual reality into other areas of the business, such as diversity and inclusion training and remote selling.

Photo credit @ XPO Logistics


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