Police report documents driver’s outrageous actions during HGV inspection

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An official report recently published by the German police department in Sankt Augustin is almost certaintly the most disturbing and bizarre we have ever come across. Before the report (which can be seen here for those who struggle to believe it) goes into its details, it recommends persons to “stop reading from here if you are particularly sensitive or just having breakfast". Quite frankly, it seems like sound advice to us.

Police report documents driver’s outrageous actions during HGV inspection
Photo: pxhere.com / CC0 Public Domain

According the official police report, the case concerns a 24-year-old driver who had just crossed the border from Belgium into Germany. As the police put it, he would later also cross “the border of good taste” with regards to his actions.

The Polish driver’s truck caught the eye of officers on Thursday August 4th around 2.30pm. The vehicle had veered to the wrong side of the road and was moving at a very slow speed. The report adds that the “driver threw various papers out of the window and obviously posed a danger to road traffic”.

The police naturally decided to conduct an inspection of the truck, and gave the driver “clear signals” that he should pull over. The lorry driver then “changed lanes several times for no reason and ignored the instructions”.

The truck eventually came to a standstill on the hard shoulder after some forceful action from officers, allowing the inspection to take place. During the check, the report states the young driver was aggressive and appeared confused, and officers thus suspected he had been driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

It was at this point where the driver’s already erratic and dangerous behaviour became astonishingly grotesque and bizarre.

After a breathalyzer test showed the driver was not over the legal driving limit, officers asked the 24-year-old to provide a urine sample for a drug test. The lorry driver then reacted by performing a Hitler salute. As the report specifies, there was no doubt about the man’s gesture, as he later “confirmed it with a double verbal salute”.

Next, the man’s freakish and repulsive actions continued as he “exposed himself, urinated briefly and then began to masturbate in front of the officers”. After being told to stop, he promptly “inserted a finger into his anus and then put it in his mouth”.

As the report states, to “avert further harm, the disgusting man was handcuffed”. The police statement adds that the results of the blood test are still pending.

The young truck driver now faces a series of charges for various offences, including dangerous driving, illegal licence plates and hate speech among other things.

Although it’s important to distance this man’s vile behaviour from lorry drivers of any nationality, the conclusion of the police report indicates what officers witnessed on Thursday was by no means the only repugnant behaviour they have dealt with on the roads.

The last words of the report read: “At this point it should be noted that this is not an everyday disgusting situation for police officers either.”

Photo by form PxHere

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