Volvo Trucks scores Red Dot Award for its FM model design

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Volvo Trucks has netted a 2021 Red Dot Award in the commercial vehicle product design category thanks to its new FM model.

The new Volvo FM was launched last year alongside the Volvo FH, Volvo FH16 and Volvo FMX. All four new heavy-duty trucks have been in serial production since March of this year.

Carin Larsson, Volvo Trucks Chief Designer UX, was understandably happy to see the Volvo FM awarded:

“The Red Dot award is a great acknowledgement of the creative work of the Volvo Trucks design team. The award highlights a well-balanced Volvo FM, creating business value with this desirable truck. By purposeful design of the Exterior, Interior and User Experience, we are improving the daily lives of our drivers and keep our society running.”

According to Volvo Trucks, the Volvo FM sports a spacious new cab that offers improved visibility via a lowered door line, plus new rear-view mirrors and an optional passenger corner camera that gives a complementary view of the side of the truck.

The vehicle’s interior features a new dashboard and a 12-inch high-resolution instrument display.

As for the exterior, Volvo says the cab has “new aerodynamic shape with clean, distinctive lines”. Volvo adds that the truck’s “V-shaped headlamps generate instant recognition, and the design of the robust front grille gives the vehicle a bold, confident look.”

The judges of the Red Dot Award panel were clearly impressed by the new Volvo, but are you? Let us know your thoughts on the design of the truck in the comments.

Photo credit: Volvo Trucks