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Waberer’s uses AI for picking processes in Unilever fulfilment deal

WSZL, a subsidiary of the Waberer's Group, has recently extended its services to manage nearly 800 article numbers and implement artificial intelligence technology for picking tasks in Unilever Magyarország's B2C webshop, known as Unishop. 

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This expansion marks a significant development in Waberer’s operations, as it now not only oversees a 14,500-square-meter warehouse area but also provides warehouse logistics and fulfilment services for Unishop.

The cooperation between Unilever Magyarország Kft. and Waberer’s Group dates back to 2017, when the latter took on the responsibility of managing Unilever’s warehouse operations. With the latest development, WSZL, the Waberer’s subsidiary responsible for domestic transport, is now extending its support to Unilever by offering full fulfilment solutions in addition to transport and logistics services.

The decision to outsource logistics to Waberer’s was prompted by the rapid growth of Unishop, Unilever Hungary’s B2C webshop. Previously operating solely as an employee-store, Unishop has experienced substantial growth, with a nearly 40% increase in volume last year, owing to customer engagement from an expanding range of external partner companies.

Waberer’s entry into the fulfilment market is facilitated by the new warehouse infrastructure, equipped with the latest technologies to ensure optimal inventory management and service precision. Approximately 800 item numbers, including cleaning agents, detergents, fabric softeners, food, and hygiene products, are currently managed within a 200 square meter area. 

To enhance efficiency, picking tasks are conducted using tools integrated with artificial intelligence, such as the Voice Picking system, which enables employees to prepare orders through voice commands, thereby boosting productivity and minimising errors.