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Dashcam footage recently uploaded to social media has shown how motorists on the M25 managed to avoid a trailer that had detached, preventing a potentially horrific accident as a result.

According to multiple media reports in the UK, the incident occurred on Thursday the 22nd of March.

The dashcam footage shows an HGV pulling two large containers travelling in the left hand lane. The truck’s 2nd trailer then suddenly detaches itself and moves towards the right, cutting across oncoming traffic.

The driver of the car closest to the lorry showed impressive reactions to quickly avoid a collision with the trailer. The dashcam footage later showed the car stopped at the side of the road further up the M25, presumably to give everyone in the vehicle a moment to recover from what must have been a scary incident to say the least.

The motorist who shared the dashcam footage nonetheless says her Peugeot was clipped by the trailer.

As seen in the video, the trailer eventually hits the barrier and runs along side it before the driver of the truck moves in to make sure the trailer does not run back across the motorway again.

Photo credit (illustrative image): DanTD / Wikimedia Commons


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