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 When it comes to water damage cleanup,time is crucial. The sooner the removal and cleanup process begins, the morethe damages can be minimized and controlled. Water damage will spread quickly,and can easily turn into a larger, more expensive problem, if not handled rightaway. Restore yourproperty in a pre-damaged situation with our services for water damage cleanup inMarysville. Ourteams of experts are professional enough to clean the mess effectively. Here is a timeline of just how much damage canoccur in such a short amount of time following water damage. 

Immediatelyafter water damage: 

Water willspread quickly, saturating every material it comes into contact with. Papergoods will begin to deteriorate very quickly once they are exposed to water,and other porous materials will begin to absorb the water.  

24 hours after water damage:  

Porous,textile materials like upholstery and carpet that have absorbed water becomeheavy and sodden. The breakdown of exposed materials like drywall, insulationbegins because of all the swelling from the moisture. Wood will also begin toswell. Metal object will begin to tarnish, and any colors and dyes from fabricswill begin to bleed. Paper goods will no longer be salvageable. Mold growthbegins in as little as 24 hours after moisture has been present. 

48 hours after water damage:  

Mold growthhas started to spread, and may even begin to be visible on surfaces.Microorganisms can begin to grow in the water, so contamination levels become athreat. Wood will begin to warp and bend. Metal objects will begin to corrode,while other materials (drywall, insulation, carpet, carpet padding, furniture,and other textile goods) continue to deteriorate.  

One week after water damage: 

 Ifwater damage has been present for this long, restoration costs and processesare significantly increased. Water contamination levels are a huge concern, andshould be handled appropriately and treated as category 3 water (black water).Few items are salvageable after being exposed to water for this long, andstructural damage is likely to ensue. Mold growth and other harmful bacteriaare now major risks, and have likely spread to other areas of the home. Structuralintegrity is compromised, posing a serious threat to those still living in thearea. Cracks in walls and ceilings, and buckling of floors will be apparent bythis time, and will require rebuild to correct.  

While it is crucial to begin water damagecleanup as quickly as possible, StenvikSpecialty Construction Servicesis a certified and insured water cleanup restoration company offering premium waterremoval and property repair to home and business owners in Marysville who havesuffered any size or type of water damage – regardless of how long the damagehas been present. Stenvik works quickly to cleanup water damage, mitigatefurther damage, and restore your property to pre-loss condition safely andcorrectly. We understand how quickly things can go from bad to worse followingwater damage, and are ready to step in as soon as get the call. Do not wait, orwaste any more time to get the cleanup process started once you discover waterdamage. Let Stenvik take over, and get your life back to normal following anyand all water damage disasters. 

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