Weather alert in Slovenia. Bad weather conditions can restrict traffic

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Due to the changing weather conditions in the autumn and winter, the Slovenian authorities informed about possible traffic difficulties throughout the country. At critical moments, some roads can be completely closed.

Drivers passing through Slovenia should pay special attention to gusty winds from the second half of October until March. During this period, wind gusts can reach speeds of up to 240 km/h, which creates a real threat to life and health of drivers. Due to this, periodic, partial or total traffic restrictions may be introduced throughout the country.

Paused traffic

The limits will depend to a large extent on the type and strength of weather phenomena occurring at a given moment. Drivers must be prepared to be unexpectedly stopped without indication of specific detours. This can last up to several days.

In the period of greater risk of weather breakdown, it is worth monitoring the situation on the Slovenian roads. Current weather information can be obtained by calling the hotline (080 80 15), listening to local radio stations or browsing information portals such as Promet or Dars.

Photo: BY-SA 2.0/altotemi