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Well-known Dutch carrier pays a huge deposit to recover its trucks. It even had to take a loan

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The Dutch transport company Vos Logistics paid several hundred thousand euros in deposit to recover several dozen trucks from the Belgian services. The vehicles were seized in the course of an investigation into the social dumping suspected of the carrier.

Vos Logistics paid as much as half a million euros in deposit to recover the trucks confiscated two months ago. To this end, it took a mortgage loan secured by parts of the headquarters of one of the Belgian branches. 

At the beginning of March, the Belgian services seized 89 trucks at two branches of Vos Logistics in Zeebrugge and Pittem in Belgium. The police also questioned several dozen drivers from Poland and Romania who were employed by the carrier. This is because the Dutch company is suspected of social dumping. 

According to the supervisory bodies, the company uses its foreign branches in an unfair way, e.g. in Poland, using the model of the so-called letterbox company. It employs drivers on the basis of Polish social regulations and rates, and truckers carry out transports mainly in the Benelux countries. The company does not admit to the alleged acts and it insisted in March that it complies with EU regulations and is ready to cooperate with the services. The case is still pending and the deposit will count towards a possible future fine to be imposed on the company by the court.