What is Plex Media Server and the Best Devices to Install it on

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What  is Plex Media Server and the Best Devices to Install it on

 Plex has been around for a while, but a number of people still do not consider using it. This might be because of the
lack of awareness and understanding of how it works. Many people may think that it is not too useful. However, if you own a lot of digital movies and songs, and cannot effectively manage all your media collection, then you should consider getting Plex.

What is Plex Media Server?  

Those who have a large collection of media know how hard it is to access and browse it. Plex is a popular digital media player and media management tool which lets the users access their movies, songs, videos, and images stored on one device(computer) from a secondary device (computer or mobile). It can be installed for free on computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Plex, you can also allow your friends and family members to access your media collection remotely.  

 Here are the best devices on which you can install Plex Media Server

 Plex is compatible with a number of devices. If you are wondering about which device you should use as a Plex Media
Server, then check out the list given below:  

· Laptop

In order to use a device as a Plex Media Server, you need processing power. In case the device does not have sufficient
CPU power, then the server will start struggling with transcoding videos and will not be able to handle multiple users at the same time. If your laptop is old, then it may not be suitable. But, if your laptop is fairly new with a decent processor, then you can run Plex on it.   

· Desktop

As Plex uses a lot of power, it is best to run it on a desktop. You do not need a high-spec PC for Plex. If multiple people are going to access Plex simultaneously, then there will be no issues, glitches, lags, or delays.  

· Android TV 

The Plex Media Center application was killed a couple of years ago. After that, it became impossible for Plex to run
on Android devices. But, thankfully, there is an exception. Nvidia has partnered with Plex, and the devices can now be used as Plex media servers.  

· Raspberry Pi 

There are several upsides and downsides of running Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi devices. One of the most significant disadvantages of Raspberry Pi devices is that they do not have sufficient CPU power. But, one of the most significant advantages is portability.   

· NAS 

Do you wish to access your Plex content remotely? If yes, then you should consider using NAS drives. If you wish to use
a NAS with Plex, then you should first determine a couple of things. For instance, you can run the Plex Media Server on the NAS drive, but you will have to choose a drive which meets the basic requirements.  


In case you wish to use Plex just to view your media content, then it is best to use a laptop or computer. However, if you plan just to store your files on your NAS and wish to run the Plex Media Server on another device, then it’s not worth going for NAS.  

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