what3words partners with Pall-Ex to improve deliveries

Pall-Ex Group has announced a partnership with addressing system what3words that enables customers to add a what3words address to their delivery information.

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The partnership was brought about by the need to find a solution to the on-demand economy, which has driven a rise in home deliveries.

A common barrier prohibiting seamless customer experience in e-commerce is the challenge of communicating a precise delivery location easily and quickly. Street addresses won’t guide drivers to the right entrance, and in rural areas, postcodes cover large areas posing a challenge to drivers – Pall-Ex explains.

What3words, it is said, solves this problem. It’s an easy way to identify precise locations: every 3-metre square across the globe has been given a unique combination of three words that make a what3words address.

Customers and members alike will be able to input their what3words address on the consignment entry screen of Nexus, allowing precise delivery locations to be specified. Consumers at the delivery point can also view their address in the MyNexus tracking module.

By using the free what3words app, anyone can find the what3words address for the entrance of their business or home and share that exact location easily and reliably. Customers can also find their what3words address on what3words free online map.

This removes the need for phone calls from lost delivery drivers, and means deliveries arrive at the precise location faster and more efficiently. This is especially beneficial when an address has multiple entrances and staff need to be directed to the correct delivery point.

Finally, consumers that have issues with long or inaccurate addresses no longer need to rely on a lengthy description on the checkout page, providing a smoother customer experience.