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The Dutch police, with the help of social media, has found the driver who helped in the pursuit. The officers gave him official recognition. 

A while ago, on the Dutch A6 road, the driver of one of the passenger cars tried to avoid roadside checks. The police officers from Lelystad started chasing him. A truck driver decided to help the police by blocking the road in front of the passenger car. Despite the trucker’s attempt, the driver of the passenger car escaped and was only caught by another patrol.

It turned out that the man who tried to avoid meeting law enforcement officers was under the influence of drugs, had an invalid driving license, and was transporting building materials stolen from one of the nearby construction sites, police said.

In a hurry, the police did not have time to record the trucker’s data, so they began to search for the driver using Facebook. The power of social media did not fail and last Friday the police could officially thank and give flowers to Erwin. 

Thank you, Erwin and we wish you many safe kilometres! ” 


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