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Will this invention change the logistics industry? Loading up to three times faster.

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Automation is one of the most important solutions to the problem of a lack of personnel in the logistics industry. A Polish company has found a way to speed up the loading process.  

Q-Loader, WDX’s automatic loading system, can change the face of the transport industry. The solution has already been submitted to the Patent Office. It consists of placing goods on an automatic platform, which introduces the entire package of goods into a semi-trailer or container. Q-Loader means three to four times faster loading without the need for modification of the semi-trailer or loading dock. The loading of 33 pallets on a semi-trailer has been reduced from approx. 45 minutes to 15-20 minutes.

WDX has already found a partner. The first implementation of the pilot device is planned in the Logistics Centre of Raben Logistics Polska in Stryków. 

Q-Loader capabilities

The fact that the Q-Loader does not require the adaptation of docks or truck semi-trailers is extremely important for shippers and carriers. It is an innovative solution on a global scale. Additionally, the system created by WDX gives the possibility to load goods and pallets without a fixed arrangement of goods in the trailer. 

The Q-Loader is equipped with a roller platform on which the goods to be loaded are placed – on pallets and without pallets (e.g. in bags or cartons). The system can both load pallets in the system of three pallets on the width of a semi-trailer, and in the system of two pallets on the width of a semi-trailer. It also enables loading of goods without pallets. 

In addition, the correction system improves the alignment of the loads by moving them towards each other, i.e. aligning them so that they do not protrude beyond the line of the platform.

The semi-trailer is placed under the loading dock equipped with the Q-Loader during the loading of the platform. The semi-trailer is placed on a platform that automatically adjusts the floor level of the semi-trailer or container. The driver can set the trailer correctly by using a camera system with a remote control panel that works as a reversing camera.

See for yourself how Q Loader works: