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Is the customer’s door closed? No problem, the courier will climb a rain gutter. Is a rottweiler running in the yard? You will have to find an alternative route again. The customer has a bad day and welcomes you with a baseball bat? There will be a way to deal with this. There are many out of ordinary obstacles that await the main character in the courier simulator currently developed by PlayWay and Rebelia Games.

Work on Fat [EX] Courier Simulator is underway and is expected to enter the market in 2019. That’s when fans of the virtual world will be able to try out the new courier simulator on PCs – according to The name of the company for which the main character works refers to a well-known brand. However, it also corresponds to the character’s size, Fat [EX].

Is it something to worth waiting for? Lovers of productions like the goat simulator (flying, the possibility of waving a hatchet caught in front of a long, goat tongue) will have no doubts.

There is also a career path

The goal is one – to deliver a package. On time. However, along the way, you can get into a fight with a passer-by or navigate between speeding vehicles, or carry a stack of parcels… Well, it’s just another day at work.

Another important requirement is to take care that the parcels are not damaged and remember that throwing them at hard-to-reach customer doors will not always be the best solution – reads the portal.

If the player adheres to the rules and does his job well, he might get promoted.

If we prove ourselves at work, we will be promoted and we will be given the opportunity to drive a delivery van.


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