XPO Logistics, Eddie Stobart, Coca Cola and other shippers join forces to drive decarbonisation of HGVs

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Industry leaders in shipping and haulage have launched a cross-industry action group focused on the decarbonisation of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), Innovation Gateway announced after the first meeting of the companies. The new HGVzero taskforce brings together some of Europe’s largest shippers and hauliers including Coca-Cola European Partners, Tesco, XPO Logistics, Eddie Stobart, DPD group and others. The aim is to accelerate the decarbonisation of their collective fleets across the continent.

XPO Logistics, Eddie Stobart, Coca Cola and other shippers join forces to drive decarbonisation of HGVs
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Within the first six months of the programme, HGVzero members will co-develop solutions in support from key industry collaborators to tackle the complex pinch points that have so far hindered successful low-carbon HGV rollouts. This will include:

  • shared infrastructure mapping – to support the utilisation of charging infrastructure across common geographies and lanes
  • innovation discovery – to map the innovative transition landscape for HGVs
  • joint action plan – to prioritise and breakdown shared infrastructure barriers and co-create a deployment roadmap for viable HGV projects
  • the urgent transition to zero-emission HGVs is vital to meeting global climate targets and the organisations involved are looking to lead this shift through collaborating on a practical level to solve one of the most complex and least understood logistics challenges.

 “Decarbonisation of HGVs is a critical business challenge. Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of what we do, and by bringing the best teams in the world together to take action, we will reduce risks and costs and develop solutions for a climate positive future,” said Innovation Gateway CEO Matt Pumfrey.

HGVzero will look to develop a roadmap that will lead HGV transformation across Europe and beyond; including solutions to overcome costly and risky challenges around long to medium-haul vehicle and fuel technology, multi-fuel charging infrastructure, multi-modal efficiency, and value chain collaboration.

“HGV decarbonisation is a systemic critical challenge that we must address innovatively and as an industry. That’s why we are particularly excited to be working with a diverse group of organisations, including our haulage peers and global shippers, to develop joint solutions that will further accelerate the sustainability of HGV transport,” commented Dr Nicholas Head, Environmental & Sustainability Lead – UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics.

Graeme Cooper, Head Future Markets, National Grid, added:

 “The dirtiest thing we do in the UK is move people and goods so addressing logistics is a critical part of meeting our net zero and clean air goals. It is fantastic to see market leaders collaborating to decarbonise their fleets and going further and faster together in the decarbonisation of HGVs in the UK. Collectively bringing energy, transport and digital sectors to collaborate for success.”

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