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XPO partners with UPL on comprehensive 4PL logistics support

XPO Logistics has announced a new three-year partnership with crop protection product manufacturer UPL. Under this agreement, XPO will provide UPL with a comprehensive fourth-party logistics solution, known as Key-PL.

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UPL offers solutions across the entire agricultural ecosystem, with a sales presence in over 130 countries and several production sites, including major hubs in France and Belgium. The partnership will see XPO manage tens of thousands of transport orders for UPL within the region.

Key-PL is a 4PL solution designed to optimise transport planning by connecting UPL with a network of over 1,400 carriers and 180 loading points.

The Key-PL solution is built on three core principles:

  • Flow management: engineering and managing all physical, financial, and information flows related to UPL’s transport activities.
  • Transparent procurement: independent carrier selection and management, ensuring transparency and neutrality in the procurement process.
  • Control tower visibility: a dedicated team providing 360° visibility and control over all transport operations.

XPO says it it has customised its 4PL solution to meet the specific needs of UPL’s business operations. This includes pre-billing and freight audit services, alongside a focus on sustainability through CO2 emissions measurement and progress tracking.