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The A14 motorway operator took into account the difficulties related to the closure of the Cerrano flyover. They will refund the toll paid for some sections.

Since mid-December last year, traffic between Ancona and Pescara in central Italy has been obstructed. The ban on transit through Ponte Cerrano caused significant restrictions and long traffic jams on the A14. The toll on the route between Ancona and Pescara can now be fully recovered.

Two routes are subject to refund within the specified periods:

– between Loreto and Val di Sangro in the direction of Pescara between 20 December 2019 at noon and 23 December 2019 at midnight,

– between Vasto Nord and Porto S. Elpidio towards Ancona from Sunday 5 January 2020 at midnight on 5 January to Tuesday 7 January at midnight. 

To request a toll refund, just send an email to If the toll has been paid in cash at the toll station, the vehicle registration number must be provided in the e-mail and a copy of the toll confirmation must be attached. In the case of card payments or Telepass customers, it is sufficient to provide the appropriate card number. The return will be made by bank transfer.

Photo: Flickr / altotemi CC BY-SA 2.0


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