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German truck conversion company presents electric tractor unit with 220km range

German electric truck conversion company Quantron has presented its all-electric Quargo 4 EV Light Truck and the Q-Heavy truck, which is an also all-electric 4x2 tractor unit based on the DAF CF Space Cab. 

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Quantron AG, specialists in battery and fuel cell-powered zero-emission mobility, is launching a second vehicle in the newly designed Quantron brand on the market. 

The Quantron Quargo 4 EV is a light transporter that offers a battery-electric cargo solution, ideal for sustainable deliveries over the last mile, in-plant traffic and municipalities.

With its flexible wheelbase featuring 3.3 m of excellent manoeuvrability and thus a very small turning radius, the compact vehicle is ideal for inner-city traffic.

The performance of the environmentally-friendly transporters sounds impressive; an operating range of up to 350 km as well as a payload of 2,300 kg – without producing any emissions or noise.

The battery capacity is 81 kWh and is fully recharged within 1.2 hours.

Cobalt-free batteries from CATL, the world’s largest battery manufacturer, are used.

Other novelties in the company’s portfolio include the all-electric Q-Heavy truck, the QHD BEV 50-280, as 4×2 tractor unit based on the DAF CF Space Cab. The zero-emission vehicle convinces with low noise as well as having an operating range of up to 220 km and a maximum engine performance of 350 kW.

The 280 kWh battery is fully recharged within 6.5 hours