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Germany border controls will be in place during Euro 2024

Checks will be carried out at all nine of Germany's external borders during the European Football Championship, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has announced.

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The interior minister announced that checks at all borders will be carried out in Germany during the entire tournament, i.e. between 14 June and 14 July. According to the minister, all attention will focus on hooligans and Islamists.

During the tournament, we will be carrying out temporary controls at all German borders to prevent potential perpetrators of violence from entering the country, Faeser said in an interview with the daily Rheinische Post. 

This is necessary to ensure the best possible protection for this important international event, she pointed out.

Due to the migration situation, Germany currently has stationary border controls with neighbouring countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. 

As a reminder, border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland were extended in February until 15 June. In practice, therefore, border inspections will last another month longer.