Important Belgian parking lot by the European route closed for the night. Same reason as usual in the region

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This is another night closure of the Bettincourt parking lot near Waremme. Following the decision of Liège authorities, trucks will not be able to use the facility due to increasing problems with refugees in the area.

As of today, vehicles with GVW over 3.5t will not be able to park between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. in the Bettincourt parking lot on the E40 / A3 towards Brussels. The decision has been made by Hervé Jamar, Governor of Liège, because of the problems with illegal refugees, reports the Belgian Transport Union Febetra. The parking lot will be closed at night until 11 September.

Closing parking lots at night is a solution often used by the Belgian authorities. However, it raises a lot of controversy among transport industry representatives. It has even been criticized by the Belgian Minister of the Interior, arguing that this measure is detrimental to the transport sector and the economy as a whole. 

Let us recall that at the end of 2016, security guards started showing up in three parking lots on the Belgian E40 motorway running along the coast. The decision was made by Ben Weyts, Belgian Minister of Transportation, because of the large groups of refugees breaking into trucks in the area. The parking lot in Jabbeke was one of the protected facilities. After a while, however, the funds for private guards were exhausted and the problem of refugees came back.

Photo: Trans.INFO