Mercedes-Benz presents new Actros L with completely redesigned cab - photo credits @ Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes-Benz presents new Actros L with completely redesigned cab

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has announced the launch of its latest heavy diesel-powered truck, the Actros L, which promises even greater efficiency and safety enhancements. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Actros L introduces futuristic design elements, improved aerodynamics, advanced assistance systems, and enhanced driver comfort features.

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Since its initial release in June 2021, the Actros L has set the standard for premium heavy trucks. Now, with the introduction of the new model, Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims to elevate the driving experience for fleet operators and professional drivers alike. 

The most striking change is the completely redesigned ProCabin, inspired by the electric eActros 600. This aerodynamic design, featuring an extended 80mm front end, optimised air inlets, and streamlined components, contributes to a fuel saving of up to 3%. Additionally, the new Actros L remains compatible with proven OM 470 and OM 473 diesel engines, while offering the option of the third-generation OM 471 engine, further optimised for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

The ProCabin comes in three variants – Stream, Big, or Giga Space – each prioritizing driver comfort. Features include improved seat heating, premium seat covers, comfortable bunks with upgraded mattresses, and ambient lighting. Additionally, the Actros L offers a variety of convenience features like additional USB-C ports, a high-quality curtain, a second refrigerator, and an upgraded SoloStar Concept seating option. Starting April 2025, the Multimedia Cockpit Interactive 2 will be available with improved functionality, voice control, and new applications.

The new Actros L emphasises safety with a suite of driver assistance systems exceeding the upcoming General Safety Regulation (GSR) standards. These systems leverage a new electronics platform offering a 270-degree view of the vehicle through a combination of cameras and sensors.

Highlights include:

  • Active Brake Assist 6 (ABA 6): Performs automated emergency braking to a complete stop at speeds up to 60 km/h for various potential collisions.
  • Active Sideguard Assist 2 (ASGA 2): Monitors traffic on both sides of the vehicle and can initiate automated braking to prevent collisions with cyclists or pedestrians in specific situations.
  • Front Guard Assist: Warns drivers of potential collisions with pedestrians or cyclists directly in front of the truck.
  • Active Drive Assist 3 (ADA): Supports drivers in both longitudinal and lateral guidance, enabling semi-automated driving (SAE Level 2).
  • Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC): Optimizes fuel efficiency by automatically adjusting to road topography, traffic signs, and upcoming navigation information (available from April 2025).

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers a range of digital solutions and services to enhance fleet management and vehicle uptime. From real-time traffic data to predictive maintenance, these digital offerings aim to streamline operations and maximise efficiency for fleet operators.

The new Actros L with ProCabin can be ordered from April 2024 and will go into production in December 2024.

All photos @ Mercedes-Benz Trucks