Photo: Pall-Ex

Pall-Ex internal training scheme sees 1st warehouse worker become shunter driver

A new training scheme introduced by logistics company Pall-Ex’s, named ‘Warehouse to Wheels', has seen the first of the firm's warehouse staff successfully become a shunter driver. The programme is thereby helping the company deal with the highly publicised driver shortage in Britain.

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According to Pall-Ex, the motivation behind the initiative was to have a tool that could combat the ongoing driver shortages that have long been present in the logistics sector.

Pall-Ex’s first graduate of the scheme is Kirill Sapelkin, who joined the company 2018 as a forklift truck driver. After showing a keenness to learn how to drive a lorry, Kirill undertook company-funded training to become one of the business’ shunter drivers.

Now, having passed his Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and gained his HGV C Licence, he is qualified to drive HGVs up to 44 tonnes on the public highway.

Pall-Ex argues this provides Kirill with improved career opportunities and increases his earning potential, while also providing the company with a valued HGV driver amid the current shortage.

Speaking about his journey and his hopes for the future, Kirill said:

“The Warehouse to Wheels programme has given me a great opportunity to progress my career and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking their career further. I’m pleased that the managers here at Pall-Ex believed in me and gave me this opportunity and I am looking forward to the next stages.”

Pall-Ex’s Operations Director, Paul Pegg, who has overseen the implementation of the Warehouse to Wheels scheme, added:

“We are really proud of Kirill and his progression through the Warehouse to Wheels programme. Kirill has excelled in every role he has held with us here at Pall-Ex, and I have no doubts that he will continue to be an integral team member now as a driver. Our Warehouse to Wheels scheme is designed to support staff and help them reach their full potential, whilst helping the business develop a valuable, skilled workforce so we are really pleased to see the first graduate of many start their driving journey.”