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Scania launches battery assembly plant, paving the way for electric vehicle production

Scania has inaugurated its battery assembly plant at its Swedish headquarters in Södertälje. According to the company, this development represents a major step forward in the production of premium heavy-duty electric vehicles.

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The commencement of operations at the new facility was celebrated as a historic moment for Scania. With a strong commitment to driving the transition towards a sustainable transport system, Scania’s battery assembly plant is viewed as a key enabler to accelerate the shift towards electrification, according to Christian Levin, President and CEO of Scania and TRATON GROUP.

“In 2030, Scania aims for 50 percent of its sales to be electric vehicles, and the company envisions a future where all transport can be electric. The shift to electrified solutions is the most significant transformation in the history of transport, and 2023 is the year when it truly takes off. The proof points are being launched one by one, and the 1.5 billion SEK investment in this new battery assembly is one of them,” Levin remarked.

In April, Scania and Northvolt introduced a jointly developed battery cell tailored for heavy-duty transport, featuring exceptional performance and low carbon footprint. As of September 5, these cells will be assembled into packs at the newly established 18,000-square-meter plant in Södertälje. This move enables the commencement of serial production for Scania’s premium electric trucks designed for regional transport.

To streamline manufacturing processes, Scania strategically located the assembly plant next to the chassis line in Södertälje. The chassis line was recently revamped for large-scale electric vehicle production. With 550 Scania employees working at the battery assembly plant, the operation is highly automated, spanning from incoming goods to production and eventual delivery.

Marcus Holm, Head of Production and Logistics at Scania, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality and sustainable solutions. He highlighted the assembled battery’s capability to power trucks for 1.5 million kilometres, equivalent to a truck’s lifetime. Holm also expressed Scania’s dedication to driving change alongside its partners and customers.